Mitch Gross runs through the Convergent Design Apollo Video Assist.

Most shoots today roll multiple cameras. And Video Assist is required to monitor, record, and play all that video on set without complex, bulky, and expensive equipment. Apollo Video Assist is a solution that leaves behind carts of gear and expensive computer systems.

Apollo records and plays four HD video signals simultaneously. It’s small and lightweight, can be run on battery power, portably used with wireless receivers easily mounted to the back, and surprisingly affordable!

– SDI/HDMI connectivity
-Embedded Audio or Analog Audio
-Record as four iso’s or one quad-view
-Reference markers used during record and in playback
-Touchscreen scrubbing in playback on an individual channel or in quad split view
-Triggered and synced recording
-Long record time, dual SSD structure
-Unique reacquire feature doesn’t drop video when a signal is lost

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