Cinescopophilia is proud to introduce a new element to the website, Tight As Tuesday where we post deals, and ways to save you money filmmaking. Every Tuesday we aim to deliver savings to you by finding specials from gear makers and other creatives in our community.

Cinescopophilia is Australian based and we see the morning sun before most of the world, so good news northern hemisphere as Tight As Tuesday turns into one big Fat Tuesday. 48+ hour deals.

Tight As Tuesday for those playing at home is a play on the Australian tradition of Tight Arse Tuesday, where cinemas, pizza shops, video rental stores, would have half price deals, and all types of specials on a Tuesday. It quickly became known as Tight Arse Tuesday, but because that saying is no good for this site’s SEO we are going with Tight As Tuesday.


Kicking off this weeks Tight As Tuesday deal is Convergent Design with the announcement that they are having an Apollo IBC special.

$500 Off Apollo Option for Odyssey!


The Odyssey7Q+, already the most powerful and versatile monitor/recorder in the industry, gets even better with the addition of the Apollo Option. Record two channels of 4K at the same time, or four channels of HD simultaneously. In HD, a fifth channel can also be recorded of a Live-Switch between the four inputs. Everything is recorded in Apple ProRes with matching timecode and filenames for fast and easy post.

There are many other features to the Apollo Option, and you can try them out for free right now. Any Odyssey7Q+ or Odyssey7Q with firmware 2016.01 or higher has a demo version of Apollo already loaded in. Go to Multi-stream in the Record menu to explore.

The regular price of the Apollo Option is $1795, but through September 25th it’s available for $500 off. Log In to to purchase today.

Bonus Deal with Kessler dropping 15% off if you are a Newsletter subscriber.

Kessler code

How to get the deal from Kessler products? Simply open the Kessler website, and scroll down to add your email to their newsletter sign up form, to get access to the 15% flyer and special discount code in your inbox.

See Kessler for more.

NB: We deliberately blurred the discount code. We know what it is because we subscribe to the Kessler Newsletter. Do you?


Hope you are having a great day, and we saved you some money.

Companies… if you have deals, specials on your gear and want to be featured on Cinescopophilia’s Tight As Tuesday then drop us a line via the contact form.

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