Canon has launched a brand new super-telephoto lens, the EF400mm f/4 DO IS II USM – which features Canon’s latest generation Diffractive Optic (DO) technology to offer superb optical performance in the super-telephoto class.

Canon EF400mm f:4 DO IS II USM

The EF400mm f/4 DO IS II USM will appeal to photographers looking for a lightweight super-telephoto that doesn’t take up much room in a kitbag. Wildlife, news or travel photographers who may need to walk long distances will find this lens a particularly welcome addition, with all the hallmarks of Canon image quality in a smaller, lighter design.


Third-generation Diffractive Optics lens elements provide excellent correction of chromatic aberration with high image quality with the benefit of a reduction in the overall optical system size.
Relatively large maximum f/4 aperture, delivering excellent performance in medium to low light.
Optical Image Stabilizer provides up to 4-stop benefit, including 3 IS operation modes.
Ring USM drive, high-speed CPU and optimised AF algorithms to provide quiet and fast autofocus.
SWC coatings combine with improved lens design to minimise ghosting and flare.
A Fluorine coating on lens surfaces reduces dirt clinging to the lens elements and prevents smearing.
Full-time manual focusing enables instant manual focus control.
Power focus mode added to the focus mode switch increases versatility during movie shooting.
Dust- and waterproofing enable shooting in harsh conditions.
9-blade circular aperture creates beautiful out-of-focus highlights (bokeh).

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