I’m just going to leave this here and turn my back. What you do with it, well that’s up to you. I’m not judging anyone for anything.

Kickstarter Campaign for camera gear

Remember Jeremy Bornstein? He was that guy who claimed to have an expressive face and started a Kickstarter campaign wanting $15,037 to stare at the camera for 30 minutes… No, you don’t recall. His failed campaign folded with only $1389 pledged. The thing is 118 people stumped up the cash hoping they would see a win.

Keep Jeremy in mind when I introduce Jordan Spence, a Bloke that is asking for just $7,000 to and I need to quote him here: “I want to get some better camera equipment so I can have everything I need to create some amazing videos. I have been trying to do amazing cinematic videos. The only thing holding me back is my camera equipment.”

True to my word no judging here. I’ve seen an Australian Kickstarter campaign for the same about of money for a 5D MKIII camera work. They did offer clients dibs on packages.

Pay it forward type stuff.

Potato Salad anyone?

So if you would like to donate $50,000 to keep Cinescopophilia afloat by allowing us to rebrand the site name to one that A. People can pronounce and B. Understand. Please do so, otherwise you can read more and see the great rewards on offer at Jordan’s Camera Gear Kickstarter page.

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