A motion control slider with its own set of folding legs is on offer from Branko Kopic and Kobra Enterprises.

KIS of course stands for Keep It Simple.

At full height, the KIS A slider can reach 6 feet.

KIS A Slider

The KIS slider has an adjustable speed control dial, a Mode switch and a direction switch. The first mode is a simple manual mode that slides the camera from one end to another. The second mode is a time-lapse mode.

A custom-made circuit board allows you to use an intervalometer to control the slider. Another cord connects the slider to the camera. In time-lapse mode, you can program the slider to stop at an interval and trigger your camera to take a picture. After the motor stops, the circuit board makes a short delay (0.5sec) before it triggers the camera. It is a perfect tool to take HDR pictures. With KIS slider you can produce Time Lapse photography on an absolutely high professional level.

In manual mode, the intervalometer can simply be used as a remote control. Thanks to limit switches, the slider stops automatically once it reaches the end.


This unique system can be set up in every angle to give you the complete range of motion and control you need to get the right shot.

Focus lock & Panorama Features

Additional hardware allows the slider to have two extra features: focus lock and panorama. Focus lock keeps the subject in place in the picture while the slider moves smoothly across the track. Panorama takes a panoramic shot. Both features can be used with video as well as time-lapse photography. We also switched to high-quality ball-bearing rollers to move the slider more smoothly across the track.

Please try the KIS A Motorised Slider Kickstarter page for more information.

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