Engineered and designed by T M Camera Solutions the Cinoflex type-C300 camera system is designed to thrive in the motion picture world. The Canon EOS C300 is powered by a robust 8.4 volt Lemo coneector that regulates and distributes power for hours of recording off a single (or dual) IDX ENDURA battery.

All accessories including lens control, monitors, cinetapes, EVF’s, zoom controls, and everything else can be powered by 4 standard 3-pin Fischer outlets, or the unregulated D-tap 12-volt connectors. Equipped with 4 isolated HD/SDI 3G outputs, the Cinoflex feeds clean video images for everyone on set (up to 200’ from the camera).

All cameras mounted on the Cinoflex will provide nodal positioning and industry standard lens height for familiar operation and utilization of all existing camera accessories.

Please see IDX for more information on the Cinoflex type-C300 Camera System for the Canon EOS C300 camera.

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