Straight up rip from the cineZEN site which is a new camera slider called cineGLIDE starting at $600.

CineZEN cineGLIDE Slider

cineZEN is a small team of filmmakers, designers, and creative professionals with an interest and passion for film, gear, and all the aspects of how it can befefit production. cineZEN USA is about making quality USA designed and manufactured products. Each product we create was initiated on paper as a sketch and through production, was touched by a collaborative team designers, engineers, machinists, etc.

Our mission at cineZEN is very specifically ZENlike. Our approach as we grow, will be to extend certain offers for student filmmakers, create special projects and workshops, and offer gear at minimal to no cost for meaningful, life important programming. For projects such as this, we are open to speaking about offering our time, energy, and equipment to benefit you.

cineZEN cineGLIDE Camera Slider

For more please go to cineZEN.

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