It was a near naked Digital Bolex camera with a dead pixel, and not the prettiest glam stills. Consider them untweaked.

Words like emotional and soul are simply said for attention without order, provocation, or clarity and prove nothing…

It’s just best to let the Cinema DNG stills from the Digital Bolex camera do their own talking.

Digital Bolex15mm Elitir
Digital Bolex 26mm Pizar
Digital Bolex 50mm Canon

If you do need words about the stills pulled from Digital Bolex camera then let Joe Rubinstein drop the beat on you.

From the moment I started focusing the camera on Elle a smile started to creep across my face. The image was sharp, detailed, and beautiful. This was the camera I had been dreaming about.


Need more Cinema DNG from the Digi B then emotionally slide your soul on over to the Digital Bolex website where Joe has done a full write up. You can even grab yourself a few of the Cinema DNG Digital Bolex stills.

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