Cinedeck have introduced the Cinedeck ZX, a modular ingest, playback and transcoding platform.

Cinedeck ZX

The Cinedeck ZX is your customizable solution for fast and efficient camera-to-post workflows.

Modular by design, the Cinedeck ZX platform takes the Cinedeck promise of “Your workflow, your way” to a whole new level.

This fresh, versatile approach lets you choose from an unrivaled selection of Cinedeck advanced software toolsets and powerful hardware configurations. Now you can cost-effectively custom-build a workflow workhorse that meets your specific ingest, playback and transcoding needs for 4K, UHDTV-1, 2K, HD and SD.

As Cinedeck ZX is modular, you always have the advantage of being able to add extra capabilities if your workflow changes – all the while having the potential to make dramatic cost savings. You only buy the functionality you need.

New 64-bit architecture delivers even better performance and more multi-tasking functionality. And, each Cinedeck ZX platform comes standard with many of Cinedeck’s renowned features – built-in analysis tools, redundant record and master/proxy per channel – plus your choice of wrapper, with all the codecs supported in that particular wrapper.

The Cinedeck ZX comes in three flavours… The Cinedeck ZX45 Cinedeck ZX40, Cinedeck ZX20

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