Setting women’s rights back 100 years and advancing slow motion capture in one hit: The Crosscast 1050 slow motion camera comes out, and they objectify women with this footage…

Slow sarcastic hand clap.

xcam 1050

This vision is on par with that Gumi Bears to the naked butt footage doing the rounds.

The XCAM 1050 is a high speed micro HD broadcast camera system. With its 2/3″ CMOS sensor from CMOSIS, and the patent pending image enhancements, the camera offers an outstanding performance for live broadcasts and feature film production with up to 350frames per second capture and 1050 fps replay.

Crosscast slow motion camera

The camera utilizes the same Full HD 2/3″ global shutter sensor as the XCAM and offers 1080i/p with frame rates up to 60fps (4:2:2 at 10bit with. Also RAW output is available) on its live output and up to 1050 frames super slow motion on a separate playout channel.

As a result of the two channel output, the camera can be used for live broadcast while recording and/or playing out slow motion at the same time.

See Crosscast for the details.

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