Jared from Cinema5D posted the Cinescopophilia DIY Teradek piece over at C5D and Brite-View HD has responded with some great news. Of course a lot of things are in development and seeing is believing blah blah blah. Anyway here is the reply rip.

Hello Users of Cinema 5D!

This is NOT an OFFICIAL Brite-View press release, however…

There is a camera specialized unit in development with:
Camera Mounting Ability
Battery Power ability
Decent Long Range transmission (proper distance for video village)
HDMI Passthrough for use with cameras where the onboard LCD turns off when connected to HDMI (canon)

This is all that can be said until Brite-View is ready for an official press release, but Brite-View is listening to the camera community.

For more please go to briteView HDelight and Asus WiCast.

Look here for Teradek

Also visit HotHardware who did this great review of the two WHDI transmission systems.

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