Is this an attention grab or a plea bargain? Creative Video Productions have listed on their site what is part rumour and maybe part fact but they have what they call the Sony PMW-EX35 HD Cinematography Camera listed on there.
In the past it has not been uncommon for Creative Video Productions to have up coming camera models parked on web pages a long way out from release dates. Usually just the camera model is given up and then updated when the camera comes out. Now we have something new from CVP where they have either an inside leak or they are just cloud computing rumours. CVP have listed the upcoming Sony Affordable 35mm Camera and have called it the Sony PMW-EX35 and are anticipating the camera to be launched around 15th February 2011 at around £12,500+VAT / $17,500.
Keep in mind that Sony is supposed to be having an event later on this month and CVP will normally place a camera model on their site with no other info about 2 weeks to a month before the real camera is announced.

What CVP have posted as the Sony PMW-EX35 HD Cinematography Camera with PL Mount and Full HD 35mm image sensor is the Sony PMW-Z35

Sony PMW-EX35 HD Cinematography Camera

Sony are poised to enter the exciting new ‘low’ cost 35mm sensor camera arena with this as-yet unnamed model that’s anticipated to be launched around 15th February 2011 at c£12,500+VAT.

For the time being we’ll call it the PMW-EX35!

Rumour has it that in addition to the PL lens mount it uses a full frame full HD 35mm sensor (Similar to that in their flagship F35) to deliver virtually noiseless and artifact-free images with class leading sensitivity and records internally onto SxS media at up to 35Mb/s…

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