DP Stephen Murphy has released some brief notes about an upcoming series of simple comparisons between every brand of Diffusion filter Tiffen currently offer and serve as an excellent reference.

Tiffen 4K Diffusion tests

The tests were done using a Panavised Sony F55 camera in 4K.

Some Notes from the shoot:
– All footage was shot 4K raw on a Panavised Sony F55 using Primo Lenses.
– The 2 shot was shot on a Primo 27mm lens at a distance of approx 7 1/2 feet.
– The close up was shot on a Primo 75mm lens at a distance of approx 7 1/2 feet.
– The set was lit to a T5.6 and the lights were scrimmed down to give a shooting stop of T2.8
– The shooting stop of T2.8 was maintained throughout the 2 shot and any changes in density arising from the filters used were corrected for in the DI.
– No ND filtration was used on the camera except in the specific testing of the IRND combo filters
– For the IRND combo filters the lighting scrims were removed to bring the set back up to T5.6 and the lens was opened to T2 for the IRND.9 combo

The full results of the tests for the Tiffen Diffusion filter’s will be unveiled at the BSC expo in London 24th – 25th of January.

Please see Stephen Murphy for greater detail about his experience using Tiffen Diffusion filters.

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