Spend 25 minutes with CineMilled as they work with well a CineMilled version of the Tilta Gravity Gimbal.

CineMilled TIlta Gravity Gimbal Test – Large / Heavy / Tall and long camera test. from CineMilled on Vimeo.

Cinemilled Tilta accessories

Recently I went to local rental house Radiant Images to test a few camera builds with the new Tilta Gravity Gimbal.

As you can see our upper tilt extensions were required to support taller builds like the amira/alexa build.

The results were pretty good, perfect balance was achieved with all the builds except in the PAN axis. All the build were grossly out of balance in the pan axis.

Still the gravity motors are strong and did their best to make it work. But no doubt in a more dynamic environment it will not work.

We are working on a few solutions to address many of the problems we encountered.

Stay tuned!!! Because there is alot right with the Gravity…..we just need to come up with a few smart solutions.


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