Frank Suero checks out the quality and sound of the Boya Microphone.

Microphones comparison of the BOYA on camera mics VS the RODE Video mic Pro. We put it to the test and got a nice surprise.

We tested at a constant distant of 6 feet from the mic at 3 different setting levels. -10db, 0db and +10 db for the BOYA mic and +20 db of the RODE Video Mic Pro. the smaller BOYA stereo Mic the gains were modified digitally in software because there is not adjustment options on the mic it self.

A surprise was to find that the BOYA on camera mic really is lower them the RODE Video Mic Pro at a average of about 5 db in all testes. This is surprise because the BOYA mic are about one quarter the price of the RODE Video Mic Pro.

I also should mention that the RODE Video Mic Pro is better build, it showcase a better design in general and a more robust build them either of the BOYA mics but the BOYA mics are great quality as well, jut not to the level of the RODE mic that cost 3 times more.

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