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Good Gear: BoomBandit Lightweight Camera Crane from AdventureProVideo on Vimeo.

Colin provides a quick introduction to, and overview of, the BoomBandit lightweight camera crane.

The BoomBandit is a very light, strong and portable boom for your lightweight video and audio equipment including lights, microphones, action cameras and mobile phones.

Easily mount your GoPro, Contour, Sony Action Cam, mobile phone etc. and expand your horizons on what is possible with up to 2.6m of extension.

It's parallelogram design allows you to mount up to 5 devices and to 'float' your camera to wherever the action is in a single fluid motion…

you really are only limited by your imagination!

The BoomBandit only weighs around 850 grams, making it an ideal addition to your outdoor adventure equipment list.

For more: BoomBandit.

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