Take a closer look at the Chrosziel LWS C300 MKII for Canon EOS C300 Mark II camera.

Chrosziel’s custom-designed Light Weight Support 401-C300MKII for Canon EOS C300 MK II provides utmost flexibility:

– Safely fixes the camera on the base plate with two screws and two pins.

— The Ergonomic Shoulder Pad quickly and easily mounts under the base plate of the 401-C300MKII with a clamp lever for safe and easy positioning on the shoulder.

—Two Captive Clamp Levers fix the rods.

–Two Ø 15mm rods, lenght 310 mm, slide through along the base plate.

—Dimensions (with Shoulder Pad):
L 169mm, W 103mm, H 39,5mm
Weight, incl. V-Lock Plate, Shoulder Pad and rods: 488g / without rods: 318g.

— Compatible with Chrosziel QuickLock Plate 401-130 and Chrosziel DigiCine Bridge Plate 401-F235.

— Optional accessory: QuickLock Fixing Clamp 401-C300MKII-03 provides additional stability of the Light Weight Support on the QuickLock Plate.
We recommend the use of the Fixing Clamp especially when using large and heavy lenses.

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