Paladin Media Group pit the mighty Blackmagic URSA camera head to head with the Ikegami ITC 730A camera.

Now this is a real camera shootout, considering the Ikegami has the unfair advantage of possessing in its arsenal a built-in high-speed f/1.4 prism beamsplitter that produces pictures with low shading, excellent resolution, colourimetry, and high sen-sitivity f/4.0 at 2000 lux. What does the Blackmagic URSA offer? Price drops every month.

This is one tough Camera Vs Camera video…

Paladin Video Primer: Camera Shootout from Paladin Media Group on Vimeo.

Comparison of the BlackMagic Ursa and the Ikegami ITC 730A!

Can’t wait to see the Ikegami ITC 730A go up against the RED RAVEN 4K camera.

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