Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4k Skin Tones Test from Pietro Mingotti on Vimeo.

Hello folks,

So here's the thing. I'm working on the pre production of a project, which will be both photographic and in motion pictures. I will use the Blackmagic Design Production Camera, and while waiting for my lens converters, I wanted to record a part of the casting for the female model/actress, in order to start mapping her skin tones for latter quicker post production. So, I only had a horrible Canon lens, which is the Canon EF 35-105mm f/3.5-4.5 . It is basically a quite old lens for film SLR. It is very blurry, mostly because it's not a "pro" line lens, and also because of it's bad usage in the past from the people who owned it. BUT, I only have Nikon glass here, so while waiting for my converters, I've used it. Therefore, sharpness had to be dramatically tuned, which of course brought in a lot of noise.

IN other words, this is just a look on the 3d LUT application and a basic grading (which I now wish I didn't vignette, but hey, that was the grading mania galore taking over me) in order to give the result which was most close to her true skintone, according to the kind of film I'm trying to emulate (which is Kodak Elite Color 200).

So I hope you enjoy this test (which is also a sneak peek behind the scenes of a casting ;) ), and if you have any questions or requests, at all, feel free to contact me.

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