From Azden

A detailed features and sound comparison video between the Azden SGM-250 Professional Dual Powered Shotgun Microphone and the Audio-Technica AT897, the Rode NTG-2 and the Sennheiser MKE 600. Azden puts their new microphone up against the main competing models in the market to show you how it stacks up.

The SGM-250 was designed for video and filmmaking professionals to deliver broadcast quality sound at a low budget price. A completely redesigned microphone element drastically improves sensitivity, frequency response and signal to noise ratio. The all metal-alloy case provides rugged durability and strong resistance to RF. Its custom designed, slotted, acoustic barrel exhibits excellent super-cardioid directionality and side noise rejection.

A recessed switch area has been added to the body of the microphone for comfort and feel. The features here include a switchable low-cut filter to help reduce low frequency noise, a power switch for either battery or phantom power operation and an LED battery indicator. The SGM-250 can work off standard 48V phantom power or a single AA battery with virtually no loss in performance.

Measuring 250mm in length (about 10 inches) the SGM-250 is suitable for almost any filming situation. Long enough to capture great sound from a distance while mounted to a boom pole or on top of a shoulder cam, its still unobtrusive enough to be used on compact DSLR cameras.

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