A new App for iOS devices and RED DSMC cameras

Audio R-Link

Audio R-Link for iOS will allow you to monitor and control the audio recording levels in real-time while the camera is recording, using only the audio controls found in the DMSC Brain and exposed by the REDLink protocol to your iOS device. Audio R-Link will display the audio level data coming from the camera on two large VU meters in the application’s interface.

As good as the RED cameras are, the audio functionality of the camera is often overlooked. The audio capabilities are quite robust and offer a high level of audio quality and control without adding extra equipment. There is a very decent digital audio recorder built into every DMSC® Brain. The added benefit of using this recorder is that you will not have to sync your audio with picture in post-production. It is embedded directly in the R3D® file. There is even a 48 volt power available that will drive all the high end microphones and even a Limiter that prevents wind or mic bumps from overdriving the audio recording.

All this good functionality was hampered by limited access to the camera’s audio controls, especially during filming. Audio R-Link exposes these audio controls VU meters and status, and allows the user to take full advantage of the real-time audio capabilities of the camera. The only extra equipment needed is an appropriate microphone and cable. It was time to get busy and write an app, Audio R-Link is the result.

Currently it is limited to controlling just the two microphone/audio inputs found on the RED DMSC Brain. It will not control the Audio inputs found on an attached PRO I/O Module at this time.

Audio R-Link works with the Weapon, Scarlet-W and Raven. These are camera bodies with built in WiFi. It also works with Epic and Scarlet cameras using the wired GIG-E cable and WiFi router, using a REDLink Bridge module or a 3rd party WiFi bridge like OffHollywood’s HotLink or Teradek COLR.

For more information: https://audiorlink.automopix.com

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