ARRI have announced that the Software Update Packet (SUP) 9.0 for ARRI ALEXA XT/XR upgrade cameras and SUP 9.0 for ALEXA Classic cameras is available for immediate download.


Software Update Packet (SUP) 9.0 enables a number of new features for all ALEXA cameras. It adds new recording capabilities and codec options and provides the basis for the use of new ARRI accessories and CFast 2.0 recording media (ALEXA XT cameras only). This SUP also contains software update 1.37 for the ALEXA Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1, which fixes an issue that was discovered in EVF software 1.36.

We recommend to always update cameras to the latest available SUP release version as it allows you to benefit from the latest improvements, features and fixes for bugs from previous SUP versions. Note that ALEXA Classic and ALEXA XT/XR cameras have to be updated with different installation


• The installation package for ALEXA Classic cameras is named SUP_Alexa_9.0_25486.pkg
• The installation package for ALEXA XT/XR models is named SUP_AlexaX_9.0_25486.pkg

To download the software and the release notes, please visit the ARRI digital camera downloads page

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