One for the divers out there… The Sub Zero Lighting System for underwater shoots with GoPro cameras, plus check out the Backscatter FLIP3.1 with underwater colour optimisation filters.

sub zero - the underwater video system

The sub zero underwater system with the features sub zero light LED lighting system the perfect addition for the GoPro camera while diving. The system makes you completely independent of ambient light conditions or lights with its 60 high-power LEDs and a color temperature of 5000 ° K with a huge coverage angle of 170 ° x 145 ° all situations absolutely evenly and smooth out. The light angle of the lighting system covers the entire shooting angle of the GoPro camera completely. The lighting system is therefore also an ideal companion for night dives and makes the night for you and your buddy to the day. The built-in lighting system camera holder serves to guide the camera system with both hands for a quiet camera.

Backscatter FLIP3.1:

Backscatter FLIP3 point 1

The Backscatter FLIP3.1 combo package consists of a pivoting lateral filter and a pivotable upper filter with 3 different filters for shallow water (SHALLOW), to dive (DIVE) and for use at greater depths (DEEP).
The FLIP3.1 is simply mounted on the GoPro housing, using a robust aluminum clamp. The filters can be mounted on the side or on top and flapped in front of the camera lens. Underwater all resolutions and angles of view in video and photo mode can be used without vignetting.

Please see Sub Zero for more information about their underwater lighting camera rig for GoPro cameras. Also pop on over to Backscatter and check out their FLIP3.1 filter system for the GoPro cameras.

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