The Aputure Light Storm 300d light boasts an incredible 142000 lux @ 0.5m with the fresnel mount. Has a CRI/TLCI rating of over 97+, and weighs under 5 pounds, making it a must have light in your kit bag.

Weighing in at under five pounds, the 300d has a smaller footprint than ever. It is less than 25% the weight of a traditional 2k tungsten. In terms of size, the 300d is only 13.5 inches long, a mere 30% taller than the 120d. And with the ability to work off of two V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries, the 300d goes wherever you do.

The 300d has a daylight color temperature, balanced to an exact 5500 kelvin. This color temperature is perfect during the day for blending in with or simulating direct sunlight. Or night, for simulating a silvery white moonlight. For golden hour or matching tungsten fixtures, the 300d is still the ideal color temperature since when you gel from daylight to tungsten you sacrifice only a fraction of the output that is lost when cinematographers have previously had to gel from tungsten to daylight.

For more information: Aputure Light Storm 300d

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