If the accompanying videos are anything to go by, then the OWL drop in filter will do OK.

OWL drop in filter

The OWL combines a camera lens adapter with an exchangeable filter. The User can change filters in a quick and convenient way during filming or photographing.

The OWL drop in filter helps speed up workflow. So, you just need to prepare one filter to fit all your lenses. Giving you a totally new camera experience.

OWL drop in filter

OWL is much smaller and lighter than traditional filter holders. It is much easier to set up. It only takes one simple step to change filter. We will no longer feel troubled to reset the setting of filters after change lenses.

Just about all Lens Mounts, Tripod Mounts, Filters Holders, and Filters, are changeable with the OWL.

Hundreds combinations to add to your unique situation.

More useful accessories are coming.

For more: OWL.

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