Innocinema have updated some of their RED Epic camera ActionProducts accessaries range to accommodate for the RED Dragon sensor upgrade.

15mm RodMount Includes handles

RodMount + RiserPlate + XLR Audio adaptor

ActionProducts 15mm RodMount Audio is an ideal addition to the Riser Plate and Audio Adapter combination. It is compatible with all current EPIC and SCARLET models including the Dragon and new front fan.

The re-designed 15mm RodMount Audio adaptor will work with the ActionProducts Riser Plate, Riser Plate QuickRelease and XLR Audio Adaptor exclusively. The 15mm RodMount Audio makes an ultra lightweight EPIC or SCARLET assembly possible and adds protection to the 3.5mm audio jacks in a clean setup that offers a professional 15mm light weight rod mount solution.

In addition to the re-designed 15mm RodMount, Actionproducts has released an updated version of the “Apollo” TopPlate. The new TopPlate will now work with both fan configurations. EPIC users with original top fans will be required to purchase a fan grill when ordering a new TopPlate. Those who have upgraded their top fans have the option to use the “Apollo” with or without the fan grill.

Apollo Top Plate with fan grill

The “Apollo” not only offers extra accessory mounting options by its various 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads but connects to the HD-SDI and the SYNC port of the camera – bringing these connections to the assistant side of the camera. The 4 BNC connections provide HD-SDI, SS/GPI, TC and GENLOCK. There are two accessory power connections on each side of the plate.

On the left side: 1x 4pin LEMO (0B) 12V female connector (RED standard – unregulated battery power) and 1x 2pin LEMO (0B) 12V female connector (Arri standard – unregulated battery power).

On the right side: 1x 2pin LEMO (0B) 12V female connector (Arri standard – unregulated battery power) and a 3pin Fischer 12/24* female connector (Arri standard – power only).

* 24V provided when used with the Electra.

The ActionProducts Module System:

The ActionProducts Module System break down

Please see Innocinema for on their ActionProducts RED EPIC Modules for Dragon Sensor Upgrades.

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