RED TECH is a new series of videos where RED Digital Cinema provides overviews of various RED products, key features, and of course best practices with RED cameras, RED accessories, and 3rd party products.

Everything from camera basics to tips-and-tricks to post production know-how and third-party tool integrations. Check back often for future editions to the RED TECH series.

To get the RED TECH ball rolling enjoy RED Core Components

There are five essential components to get your camera up and running: Brain, Lens, Power, Media, and Monitoring. The RED system is modular, giving you the flexibly to build a perfect setup for your needs (Drone, Feature, Doc, Commercial, Music Video, Underwater, etc).

Build your camera


The beauty of the RED camera is that it always captures enough dynamic range to support HDR delivery without any additional settings or unique hardware needed. Also learn to monitor HDR with the step by steps covered here.


Learn about the three R’s- Resolution, RAW and REDCODE. Get a look at the benefits of shooting in high resolution. Understand the advantages of shooting RAW with RED and the ability to manipulate R3D metadata however you please. REDCODE visually lossless compression allows you to shoot hours of high resolution RAW files onto RED Mini-Mags.


G-Technology G-Dock and File Format

G-Technology EV Series Mini Mag reader is a perfect tool for fast transfers and multiple off loads through Thunderbolt. We’ll show examples of the file structure when shooting REDCODE RAW (.R3D), Apple ProRes and Avid MXF within camera. Any of these codec files will match in clip name and time code to relink easily in post.

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