12 DJI Osmo Tutorials From Unboxing, How To Use, Accessorising, To Updating The Firmware

DJI have made 12 handy video tutorials covering everything from the initial unboxing, tips for using, accessorising, and all the way through to upgrading firmware for the Osmo single handle gimbal.

Osmo Tutorials – Unboxing – Part One

Learn about all of the accessories and documents that are included with your Osmo in this two part two tutorial.

Osmo Tutorials – Unboxing – Part Two

Osmo Tutorials – Setting Up

Prime and prep your Osmo for its first shoot with this informative tutorial video.

Osmo Tutorials – Using the Osmo – Part One

The Osmo is a powerful and intuitive creative tool. Learn how to control every aspect of the Osmo through suites of hardware and software controls, and find out which method works best for you.

Osmo Tutorials – Using the Osmo – Part Two

Osmo Tutorials – Using the Osmo – Part Three

Osmo Tutorials – Using the Osmo – Part Four

Osmo Tutorials – A Closer Look – Part One

Dig deeper into the Osmo and learn all of the finer details that culminate to make this truly unique camera.

Osmo Tutorials – A Closer Look – Part Two

Osmo Tutorials – Accessories – Part One

The Osmo is supported by a host of accessories designed to help you expand the scope and drama of your photos and videos. Learn how each accessory can help realize you vision on this tutorial.

Osmo Tutorials – Accessories – Part Two

Osmo Tutorials – Updating the Firmware

The Osmo is only as current as your most recent firmware update. With new firmware comes new features, functionality, and stability. Learn the different ways you can update the firmware on your Osmo with this tutorial.

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