How do you mount a Blackmagic Micro Studio 4K camera on the DJI Ronin M gimbal? Just ask Better Aesthetics Bodybuilding from Youtube.

The Micro Studio 4K camera might be mounted on the gimbal but to me it does not appear to be balanced at all.

While I have three gimbals and I have to say none of them function correctly (1. software 2. & 3. Battery terminal drops out.) The balancing of a camera on a gimbal to me, should allow for the camera to stay in the same position you just left it, and not move to a position it just was prior to the move. Like whenever he knocks the rig putting the video assist on, the camera keeps coming back to the same position.

So this set up by Better Aesthetics Bodybuilding does not look balanced correctly to me. The motors of the gimbal would be doing all the work. Less battery life, less shooting in that case. I may be wrong, and please tell me if I am.

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