Auden Lincoln-Vogel used 48 photoresists, an Intel Galileo micro controller, and a bunch of other parts housed in a tin can and Lego for a DIY pinhole video camera.

DIY Pinhole Camera

Pinhole camera DIY

So what does the footage from a tin can Lego video camera look like?

Homemade Digital Camera Test Footage from Auden Lincoln-Vogel on Vimeo.

A short test of a 6 by 8 pixel digital video camera I made using a pinhole camera, 48 photoresistors (and other parts), and an Intel Galileo microcontroller. Some pictures of the camera itself can be found here: The video shows me talking, framed from the shoulders up and lit from below. Around 0:08 I adjust the light and lean forward and at around 0:27 I start to wave to the camera (my hand is the flickering pixel towards the right side of the screen). The upper right corner of the video also features a delightfully maladjusted pixel…

Pics and video credit to Auden Lincoln-Vogel.

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