V-10 – wall charger for V-mount on-camera batteries

If you demand V-Lock power and lots of it for your cameras then check out the wicam V-10 wall charger for V-Mount batteries that can handle charging up to 10 simultaneously.

The device is capable of simultaneously charging up to 10 batteries. There are also three USB ports for charging and power supply on the front (output voltage is 5 V).

Up to 5 V-10 chargers can be powered from one socket. Chargers can be interconnected with the use of short wire adapters.
Input power connectors are located on the sides. At the same time, both power cable and wire adapters can be connected from either direction.

Owing to the housing that is completely made of metal, the system boasts of passive cooling and high level of fire safety.

V-10 is controlled by microprocessors in a fully autonomous way. The operation algorithm is optimal for preserving batteries and ensuring maximum sustained use thereof.

Noiseless operation, fire safety, compact size and wall mounting make V-10 a practical and reliable tool for your rental.

Please see wicam for more information.

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