Out of all the cameras released this year, the WALLEY POS-86 camera is simply one of them.

A short promo video that parodies the endless production and marketing of prosumer video cameras. Filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley have created a camera that is both a reverse trend in consumer electronics and “the most advanced camera ever built.”

“WALLEY POS-86 Promo Video” was produced as part of the art exhibition “Creation to Consumption” curated by Hills Snyder for the artist-run exhibition space, Sala Diaz.

Special thanks to Mark Menjivar, Sara Frantz, and John Totman. Music by Mark Walley.

WALLEY POS-86 Camera

Next week “The Shooters Guide to Shooting RAW On The WALLEY POS-86 Camera” 2 1/2 page E-Book is bound to come out.

Learn more about the filmmakers at WalleyFilms.com

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