Now that NAB 2014 is done and dusted, it is time to talk about the camera’s not in the room.

Fake Canon c200 and c400 rumor

Prior to this years annual broadcasting showcase get together, a ludicrous news story did the rounds that a Canon C200 camera and C400 camera would be shown at NAB in Las Vegas.

A simple and quick check reveals that the origins of the C200 and C400 buzz originated from a Twitter chat that was then quickly turned around and put into a post by a Blogger, and supposedly deemed to be true.

We note that the original post by that Blogger has been shamefully heavily modified as to distance themselves from such a heinous fabrication.

Remember a rumour has some inkling of truth to it. A lie is… well just that, and the Canon C200 and C400 camera rumour was a blatant mediocre lie.

What made the Canon 200 and C400 NAB camera lie even worse, even harder to swallow, was the willingness for fellow Bloggers to draw up their own posts and regurgitate and perpetuate it as fait accompli.

The following is a list, a name and shame collection of Bloggers allegedly and somewhat shamefully guilty of failing in their duty of care to stop and ask: are we doing the right thing here for our readers.

Remember it’s not a rumour if it is a lie.

In no particular order we give you:

The NAB 2014 Canon C200 & C400 Cameras Rumour Name & Shame List

Daniel Schweinert
eos hd
Redshark News
Canon Rumors
Motion VFX
Daily Camera News
Nikon Canon
Camera Comparison Review

The list is not complete by any means, as we can’t include forums or the poltroon’s that just reblogged, hashtagged, and RT’d it to get some type of creepy respect amongst their equally shuddersome peers.

So we propose that Bloggers in the future adopt a rumour ranking system like other successful hearsay, gossip, and hoax sites do.

C200 = Most likely fake.
C400 = Pulling your leg for sure.
XF200 = It will never come true, EVER.
D4 = I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.
GH4 = Holy shit it’s real, it came true, thank’s Santa.

Remember to Blog responsibly.

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