Here is an awesome solution for filmmakers that like to take their filming off the grid.

The KaliPAK portable solar energy generator will keep you shooting in the field all day long…

KaliPAK™ – A Revolutionary Portable Solar Energy Generator from kalisaya on Vimeo.

KaliPAK™ – A Revolutionary Portable Solar Energy Generator that is monitored from your Smartphone – Get Your KaliPAK On Pre Order Now:

KaliPAK is successfully funded on kickstarter over 220K$

The KaliPAK is self-sustainable. Included in the KaliPAK is a folding 4X Solar Panel that comes with a patent-pending fixture that holds it in a direct, most efficient angle for solar charging. The 40-60 watt panel can charge the KaliPAK to 80% in one sunny day. Obviously you can charge the KaliPAK from a wall outlet or from your car lighter socket, adapter included. The KaliPAK can also provide 60 hours of powerful LED Flood light, optional with the KaliPAK or 120 hours of strong LED Bulb included, that means about a week of full nights of light, with some spare energy to charge phones, tablets or laptops.

Through an integrated Bluetooth, the KaliPAK pairs with your Smartphone, and via free downloadable app- you can control and monitor the energy levels of your KaliPAK, adjust the solar fixture for best charging, and even activate an emergency beacon for when the going get rough.

May the Power Be With You!
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KaliPAK™ – setting up the 4X Solar Panel from kalisaya on Vimeo.

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