From Daniel Peters

RX10 II vs URSA Slowmotion from Daniel Peters on Vimeo.

There is a lot of buzz about the new Sony A7R II and for good reason….
But a lot of people still need to check out the new RX10 II, also from Sony.

I was a little scared to purchase this camera at first, not because this is my first Sony camera ever.

I've Owned, Panasonic, Canon, RED, Blackmagic but never a Sony, weird considering my Mom used to work for Sony back in the states.

But it wasn't this that scared me, it was the fact that it has a fixed lens and I love my prime lenses and lenses from Sigma.

The lens being fixed at 24-200mm 2.8 isn't bad at all, but can I get wide enough with it, shallow enough etc.

Anyways, I bit the bullet and got the RX10 II, First obvious test is a slow-motion test, haha

With the lens being fixed on the Sony, a Zeiss 24-200mm 2.8…I shot side by side with my Blackmagic Ursa with the Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 shot at 2.8 but left it at 18mm….and to my surprise, the 24-200 on the Sony was wider.

I shot the Sony at 100fps, then 250fps in 1080p with the Ursa at 80fps UHD then 150fps 1080p.

Don't forget the Ursa crops in at 1080p/150fps, so I didn't change focal length, it was left at 18mm.

The Ursa performs a lot smoother, cleaner but the RX10 II is a great contender.

Another thing I was shocked with, is the Sony seems to have more Dynamic Range then the Ursa.

This will obviously change with the new 4.6k Ursa and Ursa mini coming soon :)

Anyways, this test is for the GH4 users looking to go Sony and for the people wanting the A7R II but can't afford it and have interest in the RX10 II.

So far, Im really happy with the camera.

Im interested in the A7R II but can't justify the price regarding the features, especially considering a A7S II might be soon.

The RX10 II is one very powerful little camera and will shake up the market nicely :)

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