Sony have introduced the PXW-X500, a solid-state memory XDCAM camcorder that combines sensitivity of picture capture with a proven, comfortable ergonomic design and support for a wide variety of recording formats. The PXW-X500 delivers superior picture quality thanks to its unique three-chip 2/3-inch type new CCD image sensors, serving to remove issues associated with motion artefact and rolling shutters.

Sony PXW-X500 Camera

The camcorder, which succeeds its well-received predecessor, the PMW-500, is ideally purposed as an outstanding acquisition tool on a 1080 progressive platform for a broad range of HD production applications, such as ENG, sports productions, live productions and documentaries.

Key features of the PXW-X500 XDCAM shoulder camcorder

• High sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio with B4-mount HD lenses. Three newly-developed 2/3-inch-type Power HAD FX CCDs produce high-quality pictures with high signal-to-noise ratios (60dB), while maintaining the high sensitivity levels (F11 at 1080/59.94i and F12 at 1080/50i) that the XDCAM range is best known for.

• Multi-format recording for versatility of workflow approaches. The PXW-X500 will also support Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD as further options.
• Powerful Slow & Quick motion up to 120p frame rate. The PXW-X500 offers a powerful ‘Slow & Quick Motion’ function. By utilising the XAVC codec, the X500 can record at a maximum frame rate of 1080/120p, which is a slow motion effect five times higher than the industry standard frame rate of 23.98p . The newly developed CCD image sensors and the camcorder’s outstanding image processing abilities enable this spectacular performance.

• Unique built-in wireless module supports seamless file transfer and remote operation, helping broadcasters be ‘first to air’. The PXW-X500 can be operated remotely from compatible Wi-Fi devices such as tablets and smartphones, via a supplied IFU-WLM3 USB wireless LAN module. Proxy video files can be created onto SD cards in four different proxy XAVC settings to help users adapt to field constraints, while proxy file transfer and hi-res file transfer are also possible across Wi-Fi or Long Term Evolution (LTE)networks.

• Future upgrade to enable remote live streaming functionality. By upcoming upgrade in early 2015, the X500 will also offer live streaming of proxy content over Wi-Fi or LTEiv . The streaming function will also become available for Sony’s PXW-X180 XDCAM handheld solid-state memory camcorder that was launched to the market in August 2014v , and will be compatible with the CBK-WA100 and CBK-WA101adapters, which allow XAVC proxy files to be created and saved on an SD card housed within the adapter.

• Other key features of the PXW-X500:

o Compatible with a direct two channel slot-in portable digital wireless receiver, available as part of the Sony DWX Series, providing superb digital audio quality and full digital workflow with the XDCAM range
o Pool-feed input with 3G/HD/SD-SDI
o Simultaneous recording onto two SxS cards
o Flexible camera system operation with CA-FB70 or CA-TX70 camera adapters
o GPS functionality records GPS data in an MXF file and a log file automatically, when activated
New PMW-RX50 XDCAM portable recorder

Sony also announced the new PMW-RX50 XDCAM portable recorder, which features a compact, lightweight design and is capable of SxS recording and playback. The PMW-RX50 PXW-X500, especially in applications such as field shoots and on-site location shoots.

Other key features of the PMW-RX50:

• Simultaneous recording onto two SxS cards
• Comes with an adapter compatible with XLR Audio

• DC output for CBK-WA100 wireless adapter

XAVC Long 4:2:2 upgrade for Sony’s PMW-300 and PMW-400 XDCAM camcorders and PMW-1000

Sony has also announced that the PMW-1000 XDCAM HD422 recorder will become capable of supporting XAVC Long 4:2:2 1080/50i by means of a new, free software version upgrade, as will the PMW-300 and PMW-400 XDCAM camcorders.

“Sony continues to pursue high picture quality and efficient workflows that fulfil the exacting requirements of broadcasters everywhere,” said Olivier Bovis, Marketing Director AV & Media Solutions, Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “The launch of these new camcorders, portable recorders and XAVC upgrades bears testament to Sony’s total solutions approach in ensuring that XDCAM users continue to remain at the forefront of technology and productivity, and enjoy options to future-proof their assets.”

The PXW-X500 and PMW-RX50 will be showcased at the Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition (BIRTV) in China from 27-30 August 2014, and will be available in Europe from October 2014. The XAVC Long 4:2:2 software version upgrade for the PMW-300 and PMW-400 XDCAM camcorders and PMW-1000 XDCAM recorder will be available in Europe from December 2014.

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