Bert Degraeve is back with another verses video. This time Bert pits the mighty ARRI Amira camera against the Sony a7S camera.

Sony A7s vs Arri Amira from Bert Degraeve on Vimeo.

Having done a Arri Amira vs Sony FS7 test ( ) I had a lot of nice feedback and people asking me if I could do the same thing for the Sony A7s. And so… I did :-)

I wanted to see how well the Sony A7s can match the Arri Amira, which is known for its nice color rendition.

Two test-situations:
1. Outdoor on an overcast day and white skies.
2. Indoor with mixed light (fluorescent, incoming daylight).

Sony A7s and Arri Amira are both in preset. A7s in Slog2 and Arri Amira in ArriLog.

Lens used on both cameras: Canon 24-70 f2.8L II
I created a customized LUT, which works a lot better than the LC709A provided by Sony.

The Sony a7s is an amazing camera, Incredible low light capacities, but when shooting Slog2 (at native 3200 ISO) I saw more noise then I would have with the Sony Fs7. Exactly why most people overexpose by 1 or even 2 stops. And… I would advice to do so.

Sorry for the shaky footage for the first a7s shot, we had to do it out of hand.

For more information and how to get the LUT, visit the blog on my website:

This is made possible and a special thanks goes out to Rent@Gent, a Belgian based rental house. Please visit their website:

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