Came across this little info bomb; Lanparte are ready to tackle the 19mm support market for camera accessories. Expect 19mm rod support that has 15mm support too. Keep an eye out for a 15mm / 19mm mattebox from Lanparte in the near future too.

Lanparte 19mm Support

Lanparte is soon to release a whole set of 19mm compatible camera accessories. This image is a first sneak preview showing the updated Lanparte Unversal Grip. It comes with a universal rod support for both, 15mm and 19mm systems. The image is brought to us directly by Lanparte’s chief engineer Jerry Peng, who also mentioned a 19mm/15mm compatible Mattebox and some really smart adapter solutions. 2013 is going to be exiting!

For more about the 19mm camera accessory support coming from Lanparte keep an eye on HD Videoshop.

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