Derek Rungsea from itsara koncepts is a designer, entrepreneur, and DIY-er, and he has been working on the Sidebeam ultra portable camera slider.

The Sidebeam slider is about to go through a crowdfunding campaign.

Sidebeam Slider

Here is a little taste of what the Sidebeam portable camera slider can do.

Sidebeam – Portable camera slider from Derek Rungsea on Vimeo.

Sidebeam is a portable DSLR camera slider that fits in your backpack.

Sidebeam Slider 1

Sidebeam Slider 2

Sidebeam Slider 3

Its modular design allows you to build a custom length without sacrificing sliding distance.


Ultra portable form factor without compromising slider length. The 4′ slider will easily fit inside a backpack

Custom length

The modular design allows you to customize the slider to any length. *Additional equipment required

Quality materials

The slider will be made from quality aircraft grade aluminum so you can be sure it’ll be strong

Motorize it

There will development of Sidebeam motor kit to create beautifully precise, repeatable movements.

Multi camera support

Use Sidebeam with any DSLR, compact mirrorless, GoPro camera, or even a smartphone mount

Versatile mounting

The slider mounts on tripods by using standard 1/4″-20 or 3/8″-16 screws. *Additional equipment required

Smooth movement

The carriage uses precision ball bearings for smooth gliding motion without the need for lubricants

Accessorize it

Get the most out of your slider with a protective case, tripod mounts, and a wireless motor kit

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