Ebuci Film from Istanbul Turkey have a few new items that may just interest the DSLRphiles out there.
A very handy Follow Focus unit with zip tie gears, a DSLR rig that is like a Swiss Army Knife with what it can do, Rig Arms, Rig Weights, and a Monitor Mount are a few of the goodies up on the Ebuci Film site.
Oh did I mention the golden word “affordable” well I should have. Ebuci Rig configurations start at $200 and the ODAK Follow Focus unit is just $170.
Have a look at the way the TECHIZ Camera rig can easily go from Shoulder Mode to Horizontal Mode, to Fly Mode, and wait for it Rotation Mode and Vertical Rotation Mode.

Ebuci Film ODAK Follow Focus

Ebuci Film TECHIZ DSLR Rig

ODAK Focus Controller Teaser

ODAK Focus Controller Teaser from Ebuci Film on Vimeo.


TECHIZ Dslr Rig Teaser from Ebuci Film on Vimeo.

Keep an eye on these guys as they are a company definitely to watch: Ebuci Film.

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