CineRebels rockBuster camera rig is a compact hand-held 2-axis camera gimbal / camerahead (pan stabilizer optional.)

Rockbuster Camera Rig

The rockBuster is designed with a clear focus on the professional camera operators’ practical requirements regarding ease-of-use, versatility and connectivity.

It offers great freedom to capture rock-steady shots without bouncing or wobbling horizons.
As the rockBuster can be simply switched to different configurations without re-adjusting the camera, no valuable production time will be lost.

rockBuster Features:

* 2-axis stabilizing system – 3d axis (pan) optional
* lightweight, compact size
* drift free horizon
* continuous 360º roll
* supports a multitude of DSLR-cameras & lenses
* integrated electronics and wiring
* fine-tune balancing system
* groundplate allows quick battery change without disconnecting camera
* single tilt / roll thumb-joystick integrated in gear handle
* support for flat panel LCD viewfinder
* 55 mm DSLR Rig Bars for use on shoulder rig or other grip & accessories
* built-in bluetooth for programming
* 4 aux in/outputs: ext. power / pan motor / control / focus control
* click-on for Sony PL / Canon BP batteries
* select pre-programmed setups with a single switch

rockBuster Brushless Gimbal

Designed as a complete hand-held system, the rockBuster can also be used on shoulder- or other rigs and also on drones and other UAV’s. Its standard connectors saves you the hassle of hooking up the system to other components.

Changing and adjusting to another camera / lens-combination can be done easily. Thanks to its fine-tune balancing system and the capability to load predefined setups system at the flip of a switch.

Even without shoulder rig, the Upright Mode allows the gimbal to be flipped over and operate the camera closer to eye level without straining to lift the gimbal. However compact its design, the RockBuster offers great versatility with features such as continuous roll, precision balancing, support for click-on batteries and LCD-viewfinders / monitors and 55mm. DSLR Rod Clamps.

Apart form Bluetooth programming it provides connectivity for external power, pan (optional), system control, focus, remote focus or remote cameracontrol.

The CineRebels rockBuster opens new ways to keep up with the demands of every day use in professional environments. Just hold it in your hands and you’ll achieve smooth and stable footage with the highest level of precision.

Please hit up CineRebel for more information about the rockBuster camera rig.

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