Jarred Land, Fire Chief at RED has put the call out to their early adopters past and present that NAB 2013 is one to be prepared for:

We remember the early adopters well… Those that believed in Jim’s vision when it was still an impossible dream, those that stood in line and paid deposits when everyone told them that RED was a scam…vaporware..snake oil….those that believed that everyone else’s good was not good enough.

To some.. when they hear early adopter they think the first 50. or the first 100. or the first 1000.

To us.. it is everyone who took a chance and dropped down that deposit for a place in line before we started shipping the RED ONE on August 31, 2007.

So there it is.. our definition of an early adopter.

If you are in that group, thank you again. If you are not sure if you are in that group, make sure you figure it out before NAB.. it will be important. Jarred Land

RED Digital Cinema

Jim Jannard then added more NAB update news;

The RED team has been working overtime (the ultimate understatement) to make sure we don’t disappoint at NAB 2013.

What we are doing on so many fronts is not easy. Just the opposite. It is all nearly impossible when you consider where the other companies are today… and they have had decades of practice.

It wasn’t too long ago that we bravely entered this market with a “4K for everyone” camera. Then we invented upgrades. Admittedly, we knew less of what we were doing than more. But we continued to push ahead with the same “we don’t know what not to do” attitude.

For all of our faults (many)… caring about our customers and pushing the envelope are not two of them. This always seems to have us riding the ragged edge. This NAB presentation is no exception. We are trying to do things never done before and the clock is ticking for us to get ready.

We have been particularly quiet before this one for good reason… we aimed incredibly high and it will be a close call. I can, however, now say that stopping by the RED booth this year will be a good idea… thanks to the effort of our entire team.

I’m getting old and this stuff is getting pretty nerve-racking. But we will make it. So should you.


Keep an eye on RED for more. Please read the full post over at REDuser, and RECON.

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