News from Jarred Land on his Facebook page is that RED are offering 3 flavours of cameras with less than five hours of use each at a fraction of the retail price.

The Battle Tested style deal is back for a limited time.

RED Dragon M Scarlet Dragon Scarlet MX Battle Tested Cameras

We finally got back the truckload of Epic Dragons and Scarlet MXs from the military thing… Selling them off as “Battle Tested”.. less than 5 hours of use on each camera. All checked out as new and comes with battle-tested Warranty. Dragon M-s $21,500, Scarlet Dragons $11,500 ( only a few left ) , and Scarlet MXs $7100 includes side SSD and Canon mount. First come, first serve like last time… This deal wont appear on our website.. you need to email or email/call your RED rep.

Pic and quote via Jarred Land President at RED Digital Cinema.

Big HT to Bob Rosenbergh.

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