The PS-Cam X35 is already a production camera with integrated timecode and MotionFX functionality. With the Mark II model P+S Technik followed up on many user requests for a PS-Cam X35 camera setup which records more than 1000 frames per second.

PS-Cam X35 Mark II Camera

Enhanced High Speed Features

Ultra slow motion up to 1500 fps
HD / RAW output

Affordable PS-RAW

Improved RAW support through DNG/DPX file format
PS-RAW integration for Gemini recorder available from Convergent Design

Video via XOcans… Slomo shots via PS-Cam X35 Mark II camera.

Existing PS-Cam X35 owners, can have their cameras upgraded to Mark II specs.

The PS-Cam X35 Mark II camera is available from 55.000,00 EUR. Hit P+S Technik up for more information about the PS-Cam X35 Mark II camera.

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