Panasonic are promoting three GH4, and drone videos from filmmaker Bryan Harvey…

The LUMIX GH4 Mirrorless Camera features incredible versatility and reliable build quality.In addition to its compact lightweight body, the GH4 offers superb image quality and creative features that impress even professional users. If you are thinking about starting aerial videography/photography, the LUMIX GH4 is the best choice to broaden your creative options – let’s learn more with SEAFOAM, directed by Bryan Harvey and featuring Tim Gould’s expert drone work.

Bryan Harvey (director/cinematographer) and Tim Gould (RC drone expert) work as a professional aerial photography team with their production collective CLOUDBREAK. They travel worldwide for commercial, feature film, and documentary projects.

Bonus videos:

LUMIX GH4 “SEAFOAM” in 4K by Bryan Harvey

LUMIX GH4 “Spin, Drift” in 4K by Bryan Harvey

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