Panasonic AG-AF100 4/3 Camera

Panasonic have released a detailed 16 page brochure on the AVCCAM AG-AF100 series Micro Four Thirds camera. Heaps of info and pictures to keep you interested like Internal Optical ND Filter, Dynamic Range Stretch Function, 7-Mode Gamma for Richer Gradation, Advanced Image Adjustments, FILM CAM Mode for Movie Production, Wide ISO Sensitivity (Gain) Setting Range, Slow/Synchro/High-speed Shutter, Simplified Waveform and Vectorscope Display, Focus Assist Function, and SDI (24Psf) Output and Auto Rec.

One thing that Panasonic have called on the Weasel Word Dr for help with is the crazy jibber jabber of saying “The imaging area of the new camera recorder is almost the same as that of 35mm cinema film.” They have said that from the get go and it is dribble, it either is or it isn’t. It is like saying that the parachute almost opened.
2X crop sensor people and that will put some guys and gals off. Other than that thanks Panasonic for a great brochure on your AG-AF100 series camera.

Click here to download the Panasonic 16 page PDF.

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