Quantel’s Pablo Rio is a software high quality color correction and finishing system that runs on high performance PC hardware. The new Pablo Rio 8K has three significant power-ups compared to the systems shipping today:

Pablo Rio 4K Workflow

1. Realtime 8K 60p input and output via 16 3G SDI interfaces using the latest AJA Corvid 88 multichannel I/O boards to achieve the necessary number of connections in a practical unit

2. Realtime 8K 60p processing using the NVIDIA(r) Tesla(r) K80 GPU accelerators. Announced earlier this week, these world’s highest performance GPU accelerators for data analytics and scientific computing are already part of the system demonstrated at InterBEE, thanks to Quantel’s close working relationship with NVIDIA.

3. Super-optimized software to sustain the 5GBytes/s throughput required for real-time recording, processing and playback of 8K 60p
The system demonstrated at InterBEE included four AJA Corvid 88 cards, three Tesla K80 GPU accelerators and three RAID 60 arrays offering 166 minutes of storage at 8K 60p (7680 x 4320 422 59.94 fps). 8K images were monitored in real-time on a virtual 8K display comprising four 4K monitors.

“Pablo Rio is the ultimate high quality color and finishing system,” said Quantel CEO and Executive Chairman, Ray Cross. “In collaboration with NHK, we’ve been able to power-up our software to take advantage of the latest professional hardware from NVIDIA and AJA to deliver another world first – working in real-time at 8K 60p. Together we are enabling next generation post-production.”

“Quantel always pushes our I/O cards to take advantage of their most advanced capabilities,” said Nick Rashby, President at AJA Video Systems. “The Corvid 88 packs a huge amount of I/O power onto a single card and in this application there are four of them! It’s exciting to be part of their world first at InterBEE.”

“8K workflows are becoming a reality, but they require enormous processing power, and it’s impressive to see how quickly Quantel has engineered Pablo Rio to take advantage of the new NVIDIA Tesla K80 – the flagship of our Tesla platform,” said Greg Estes, Vice President of Marketing at NVIDIA. “This is going to be an exciting new capability for the industry.”

* This system was developed in collaboration with Japan’s national broadcaster, NHK.

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