The Nexus by Indemnis is the first UAV recovery system to be proven reliable in any failure situation.

A UAV in a failed state will enter a high RPM roll and tumble scenario due to the inherent instability of a multi-rotor aircraft. There is currently not a system on the market that can reliably solve the threat of entanglement, as they all use conventional parachutes. The Nexus is a deployment system made from high strength ballistic materials. It deploys the parachute system in 30 milliseconds, creating an equivalent speed of 75-90 mph which is great enough to overcome the rotational velocity caused by the roll and tumble, eliminating entanglement when the drone fails.

Our system was built to meet and exceed future expected FAA safety standards for flight over people and it was created as a risk mitigation tool for enterprise use. Our patent pending advancements in materials technology enables us to utilize a larger parachute allowing us to fall softly to the ground with less than 30J of kinetic energy.

We have spent thousands of hours in development, testing, and engineering to continuously refine the technologies that make our system work. Our material technology, proprietary air tank and valve system, partnered with our advanced automatous fall detection software is what has allowed us to build upon our advancements and create a reliable product for our customers that is unmatched to any system currently on the market.

Indemnis from Indemnis on Vimeo.

Bonus Videos:

Why Exsisting Parachute Systems Don't Work from Indemnis on Vimeo.

Existing parachute systems have the limitation of only working reliably in a hover state. Our question to you is how often do you only hover your drone and not fly it? When a drone is flying and experiences a critical failure that don't allow for controlled flight the most often result is a roll and tumble which is where these systems have problems functioning properly.

High Speed camera tests from Indemnis on Vimeo.

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