More pictures and details of the ongoing DSLR Shootblue Shoulder Rig and Cage combo.
The Shootblue Shoulder Rig and Cage is cool for the Canon 1D Mark IV and work is in progress for supporting the 5D MKII and the 7D cameras.
More pictures soon.

After operator feedback, monitor bracket/arm (for attaching Noga type arms) has been redesigned. Shown with cable tie down brackets being used to keep cables tidy around the rig. Monitor bracket is threaded to be anti rotation when Noga/Monitor is attached (weight of it presses down to keep screw always locked down and stops it becoming loose)

Detail shot of Mini HDMI cable protector on side of cage & 1D battery compartment access point

Detail shot of Arri style dovetail for use on tripod & with handheld shoulder support – all adjustable to achieve correct balance

Detail shots of adjustable offset bracket, with 15mm rod clamp

Adjustable counterbalance weight (in addition to the v-lock battery which also counterbalances the rig)

Gets annodised early next week

For more Deets see Shootblue

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