Genus have improved on their Bravo Follow Focus and have released the Genus Bravo Deluxe Follow Focus system. So what would make a follow focus system “Deluxe” well possibly it may be that you get super awesome Gold Knobs instead of the old black ones. Or it could be that Genus have also thrown in end stops, the ability to use 0.5 and 0.6 pitch gears in addition to the 0.8 pitch gear, a better mounting system, and the ability to adjust the gear tension should there be backlash.



Plus throw in all the goodies from the Bravo Follow Focus like Thread-through bar bracket to give perfect stability, Sliding bracket to give you perfect engagement with the lens focus barrel, Smooth rotation on the focus gear, Pitch Gear assembly can be reversed for use with different lenses, Beveled marking disc can be reused again and again (use pencil or non-permanent marker)

Thanks to for the video and the close up picture: NB it is in Spanish

Go to Genus for more.

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